Business Incubator and Business Centre

Business accommodation within the Digital Forum

Over a total surface area of 600 m2, the Digital Forum's business centre welcomes start-ups in the field of digital and information & communication technologies.

Three business accommodation offers are available:

1. The Business Incubator - offering rented premises for young companies (< 2 years), on a temporary basis. With associated shared services (standard services to offer high added value) and entrepreneur coaching, this offer considerably increases their chances of emergence, growth and success.

2. The business centre - a flexible rental offer for larger working areas, targeting, in particular, developing businesses (> 2 years).  Be it for an initial business creation or following a move from the incubator, these business premises offer young companies the opportunity to continue their development in conditions propitious to their healthy growth.

3. Branch Domicile within the Digital Forum enables businesses to rent an office/meeting room on an as-needed basis and at preferential rates, hence keeping rental costs to a minimum. It also offers businesses an established head office address where they can receive mail.

This accommodation offer includes a number of shared services. By simplifying their project's operational development process, the Digital Forum provides entrepreneurs with the trump cards they need to ensure their success and accelerates their progression from research to marketing.

The Digital Forum is managed by Synergia via its European Business and Innovation Centre (EBIC). Within the framework of this programme, the Caen la Mer economic development agency benefits from support from the Caen la Mer urban community, the European Union (ERDF) and the French State.

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