Echangeur Basse-Normandie

Echangeur Basse-Normandie is a professional IT training center.
Its mission is to empower businesses, public institutions and professionals with the tools to use technology, and to follow and anticipate fast-moving trends.
We are national experts on digital processing (digital signature, e-public procurement, e-administration, Enterprise Content Management, digital invoicing, electronic archives, e-governement procedures, etc..), and e-health. We hold training seminars on business oriented IT practices (Web Site & E-commerce, security, new services, mobility, broadband)

The Pôle TES

Secure electronic transactions are a fundamental and strategic challenge for today's and tomorrow's society.
Their mission is one of building confidence and security.
Relying on cooperation from business and research and training institutions, the TES cluster has chosen to take on this challenge, requiring the command of a global issue involving technological innovation, usage, marketing and legal expertise, to develop an international site of reference.

The Pôle ATEN

The Pôle ATEN offers support for digital technology-related business projects and disseminates associated information: telecommunication, information technology and local networks, Internet, security, digital electronics.
The Pôle ATEN's vocation is to help businesses throughout their digital technology-associated development.
Its missions
The Pôle ATEN is entrusted with various innovation development and technology transfer missions to serve businesses:
• support for business projects,
• identification of appropriate business solutions,
• dissemination of knowledge and new practice,
• interface with external skills.


Our environment is in perpetual evolution: the emergence of bio-electricity, photovoltaics and networks necessarily implies the development of skills in the construction and network industries. So get ready for innov'action with Novea. If you are looking to keep up to date with the latest technologies, to acquire new skills, to train yourself or your staff, to benefit from business services, modern and efficient tools and infrastructures...
Novea is the ideal partner to accompany your projects!


In 2008 the Basse-Normandie Region launched a project called i2N (Digital Innocations in Normandy) in order to foster and increase digital competitiveness in its territory. An important number of organizations working in the field of imagery and virtual reality in Basse-Normandie have thereby been identified.
i2N aims at gathering partners and experts supporting digital project leaders and promoting their innovations. i2N brings industry, research and higher education together in order to encourage digital innovations. i2N relies on different partners : institutional, associative, consular, private. It is represented in various events targeting digital fields.

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