TES project incubator

The aim of the project incubator is to welcome, within the EffiScience Science Park, new TES Competitiveness Cluster member companies with R&D needs within the context of their innovative projects.

The project incubator's aim is to provide, for €3,000 per year (maximum 23-month lease):

- 1 furnished 15m² office
- Shared services
- A human resources department to recruit local skills

This offer is exclusively reserved for project initiators that satisfy the following pre-requisite requirements:

- Member of the TES e-secure transactions Competitiveness Cluster
- Involved in a TES Cluster project
- Business created within Lower Normandy
- Committed up to the project's completion
- Project initiators may, at any time, test their prototype via the Digital Forum. Together, they promise to offer a genuine innovation laboratory.

For further information:

Ludivine Bigot / Synergia - - 02 31 46 74 54
Magalie Scelles / TES Cluster - - 02 31 53 63 30

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